Reading My Tea Leaves

by Annie

I have a new favorite blog.

I found her through Cupcakes and Cashmere, who found her through A Cup of Jo.  I’m writing this because even though I think I’ll never forget how I found a blog I love, I always do.  So several months down the line when I ask myself “how did I find this blog again?” I can look here for the answer.

So why do I love her/her blog so much?  Well…

She’s organized.

She’s a minimalist.  Although I don’t think I’ve seen her use that word to describe herself.

She’s eco-friendly.

She’s smart with her money.


She’s pretty.  (Come on, let’s be honest.  Girls like pretty girls.)

I read through all her Tiny Apartment Tips in less than 24 hours.  Here are some other place that have featured her, her husband & their tiny 240 square foot apartment:

Survival Guide: Life in a Tiny Apartment, Brooklyn Edition